Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Keeping Up Appearances

How it all looks is a big theme lately. Loudoun County is making plans to guarantee that Route 50 is "an attactive gateway" according to a story in the Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Stafford County wants developers of big-box stores to seek a special use permit for anything bigger than 80,000 square feet and make them follow tougher architectural guidelines, landscape requirements and parking design standards, says The Free Lance-Star.

Fauquier County is drafting a plan to shape the appearance of development along many of the county's main roads, says the Fauquier Times-Democrat. Construction on some parts of the highways would be allowed only if had the 'straightforward and functional character' of rural Piedmont. "There's nothing wrong with asking the development community to improve the look," Jack LaMonica, county Architectural Review Board chairman, told the paper.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger Ray Hyde said...

How do you reconcile allowing people to meet market demand with the new proposed aesthetic regulations in Fauquier county?

I would never consider building something out of character with the neighborhood, and there are manor-house monstrosities around me that I simply don't understand. I would also never consider telling my neighbors what not to build. I might voice an opinion.

But here is a proposal that is truly a bad idea. It only applies to certain roads. According to the Fauquier Democrat it may require certain colors, materials, window space, and gutters.

Aren't we right now fighting a global war against people who disagree with the way we choose to live?

What was it Jim Bacon were saying about people who want to coerce you into living a certain way?


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