Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Illinois to Convert to Open Toll System

Former Gov. Gerald Baliles has proposed a statewide network of 38 tolls on Virginia's Interstates to raise an estimated $1 billion a year to be applied to Interstate maintenance and improvements. In favor of the proposal, he noted, "Open road tolling technology eliminates the 'stop and go' toll booths of the past."

As it happens, one company that develops open-road tolling technology has extensive operations in Virginia: SAIC. And according to a press release issued yesterday, SAIC will be helping the state of Illinois convert to an open-toll system. According to an item to be published in tomorrow's VA Newswire:

SAIC to Upgrade Illinois Toll System

MCLEAN--Science Applications International Corporation has been awarded a $6.6 million contract by the Illinois Tollway to assist in the Tollway's system-wide conversion to Open Road Tolling, the first in the nation to convert all mainline toll plazas to a barrier-free electronic toll collection system. SAIC’s Violation Enforcement System enforces payment of tolls by capturing images of vehicle license plates that drive through toll lanes without paying or without a valid I-PASS. More.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Ray Hyde said...

I think an open toll system is fine, but we should be careful about standards. It would be awfully easy for this to become a state mandated monopoly cash cow for SAIC.


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