Monday, September 19, 2005

Hide the Women and Sheep!

The Sept. 19, 2005, edition of Bacon's Rebellion has been published. A number of columns are of potential interest to Road to Ruin readers:

Baliles Sharpens the Debate
Jerry Baliles has proposed a bold plan to increase transportation funding. Trouble is, it would just inject more money into the same failed transportation policies of the past.
by Patrick McSweeney

Post Labor Day Funk
Political campaigns are supposed to pick up in September. But the yack-fest that passes for debate in Virginia has only distracted voters from the fundamental issues.
by EM Risse

Supersize Me!
Jerry Kilgore's diet for Virginia's clogged transportation arteries is like eating a salad with a helping of ice cream. Tim Kaine's nutritional plan is worse: all burgers and fries.
by Philip Rodokanakis

Herding Candidates
Contenders for House of Delegates this year offer loads of solutions for solving Virginia's road woes. The ideas have little in common except promising to get someone else to pay for the improvements.
by Steve Haner


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