Thursday, November 10, 2005

Election's Over, Time to Network Again

Ok, wonks and political junkies, the election's over. The Dems are scrambling for positions in the Kaine administrations and the 'Pubs are wondering what to do with their lives. In either case, it's time to get back to the serious business of building your personal network.Bacon's Rebellion ran a brief beta test of its "Political Network" back in August. Now it's time to roll it out for real. Our Political Network is like those social networks you've heard a lot about. Except we're not interested in your favorite band or your sexual orientation. This is for activists and politicos.

Here's what's involved:
  • Create a professional profile. This is like a curricula vitae converted into searchable database format. List your areas of expertise so other people can find you.
    Invite your political/activist associates to join and create their own profiles. Build your network.
  • Use the search function. Looking for direct mail expertise? Use the search function. Tracking down someone who worked on the Byrne campaign? Use the search function. Looking for Wahoos engaged in politics? Use the search function.
  • Keep a journal. This feature is like a blog -- only simpler to set up.
  • Promote events. Free listings for political/policy-related meetings, conferences, events.
  • Start a message board. Any subject.
  • Create a group. Maintain privacy -- restrict communication to selected members of your group.

    The service is free (unless you want premium features). Click here to register.


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