Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why Not More Density?

Two developers in Mathews County are proposing that the county adopt new "density bonuses" that would allow builders up to 30 percent more density that current zoning allows in exchange for amenities such as sidewalks, green space, land for schools, fire stations, bike paths, et al. The Daily Press has a brief story on the idea. The two builders are planning a 198-unit development for people 55 and over and presumably would like to make more money by selling more units. Makes sense to me. It'll be interesting to see what opposition arguments emerge..


At 11:19 AM, Blogger Ray Hyde said...

Developers have learned that they ha e greater chance of approval for over 55 homes. I have a problem with government implicitly encouraging age discrimination. It also encorages more zoning separation less mixed use etc. On the other hand if groups choose to live together and builders choose to market that way, they should be able to.


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