Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tim Kaine's Transportation Plan

Read Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's address to the General Assembly in which he lays out his legislative package for transportation, along with other initiatives. There are some good nuggets buried in there -- particularly, developing " measurable goals for our transportation investments so that voters can hold all of us accountable for the performance of our transportation network" -- but, overall, a cynic might describe the package as mo' money, mo' regulation.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There's a natural way that development occurs," with homes preceding widened roads, as well as new parks, schools and libraries, said Tyler Craddock, the building association's director of public and government affairs. "Basically, you're asking localities or the commonwealth to build roads to nowhere."

"When Planning Commissioner F. Wayne Bass, who represents the Matoaca District of southern and western Chesterfield, was asked what rezoning cases might be affected if the authority to deny were clear, he said: "All of my cases.""

"More problematic than rezoning requests, Connors said, is the anticipated development of lots already approved for construction an estimated 8,000 in Spotsylvania, which Connors said translates to 80,000 vehicle-trips per day.

"In our region, what's really putting the hurt on us right now is by-right development," he said.

Connaughton has a similar concern, citing about 30,000 lots of "stale zoning" awaiting development in Prince William. "

- Richmond Times-Dispatch

If you have a lot, or the right to create a lot, you had best use it quick before the lot or the right is taken away.


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