Monday, December 12, 2005

The Rebellion Has Landed

The Dec. 12, 2005 edition of Bacon's Rebellion can now be read online. There is mucho content related to transportation and land use. Columns include:

The Gunst Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Government regs have made a mess of real estate development, says the creator of Innsbrook. It's time to rewrite the rules and start over.
by James A. Bacon

At Last, a Debate on Sprawl
Inefficient patterns of development contribute to pollution, traffic congestion and local fiscal stress. With the election of Tim Kaine, suburban sprawl has finally become a statewide issue.
by Patrick McSweeney

A Better Way to Grow
Suburban sprawl is the product of government subsidies. A free market approach to development would be far more efficient.
by Patrick McSweeney

Deconstructing the Tower of Babel
The words "suburb," "urban," and "city" mean different things to everyone who hears them. Without a precise vocabulary, writers can't communicate clearly on the most pressing issues of the day.
by EM Risse

Here's Timmaayyy!
Gov.-Elect Tim Kaine has taken his transportation show on the road. The Blue Dog dishes the dirt on who said what in the Staunton hearing.
by Steven Sisson

No Easy Way Out
Rail improvements can do only so much to get trucks off the road. Fiddling with the state road funding formula isn't on the table. And the federal government isn't riding to the rescue. What's left?
by Steve Haner

Let's Get Moving!
Virginia's economy cannot grow without a sound transportation system. Our roads, rails and ports are increasingly overloaded. So, let's stop debating and start taking action.
by Samuel H. Kirby Jr.


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