Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Daily Press Nails the House GOP

The Daily Press has an editorial today that works through the strategies for transportation funding being floated in Richmond, and includes this shot at the anti-tax House, which seems to me to have some traction:

'The worst proposal of all, however, is another cooked up in the House, and that's to rob the state general fund. House members apparently believe that the average voter does not understand how Virginia organizes its finances (general fund revenue for education and public safety; other specific taxes dedicated for transportation), and, so, why not exploit that condition?

What the House wants to do, basically, is grab the money that was raised by the 2004 tax increase - money meant to straighten out the state's finances and ensure a sufficient flow of revenue to education, public safety and other vital state responsibilities - and simply redirect it toward transportation.

This is the same money, of course, that many House "conservatives" said over and over that Virginia didn't need, but now they find they do need it, only for a different purpose: to have something to throw at transportation.'


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