Thursday, September 29, 2005

Editorial: Kaine, Kilgore Headed for Failure

According to the Wash Post's editorial this morning, the two major-party candidates for governor should be running from the office instead of for it.

'THE NEXT GOVERNOR of Virginia will face a stark choice," says the Post. "Either devise and implement a comprehensive rescue plan for the state's obsolete highway and transit systems or be judged a failure in office.'

Here's the paper's take: Republican Jerry Kilgore is cynical and will spend general fund money carelessly - 'which general-fund priorities would Mr. Kilgore cut to free up money -- education, health care, public safety, care for the mentally ill? He isn't saying.'

Democrat Tim Kaine is vague and, without raising more money, offers no real solution. 'Mr. Kaine does say he would redirect the taxes on auto insurance premiums to transportation projects -- they now go toward general spending -- which would yield nearly $1 billion for the state's six-year road construction plan. But like Mr. Kilgore, he has avoided saying what he would cut to make up for that lost revenue in the general fund.'

And Russ Potts is not a serious threat to win, despite his $2 billion-a-year proposal.

Says the Post: 'The most that can be hoped is that once the victor takes office, he will be jerked to his senses by clogged roads, crumbling bridges, angry commuters and grim forecasts.'


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Toomanytaxes said...

The official "religion" of the Washington Post's editorial staff is that all tax increases are good, as are any programs or projects that would support higher taxes. Equity, effectiveness, economics and everything else is immaterial.


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