Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kilgore on Transportation: There's Something New About This?

On to other aspects of Jerry Kilgore's transportation strategy... Besides giving more emphasis to traffic demand management (see previous post), Kilgore wants to improve management over at the Virginia Department of Transportation. A laudable goal. But two of the initiatives he mentions leave me scratching my head:

· Focus on core business functions – establish goals and measure performance against them
· Assign a project manager and project management team for every critical transportation priority project.

On the first point: VDOT already sets goals and performance measures for completing construction jobs (a) on time, and (b) on budget. What other metrics does Kilgore suggest? There may be equally valid ones, but he doesn't tell us what they are.

On the second point: VDOT already assigns project managers to major transportation projects!

Former VDOT Commissioner Philip Shucet put both of these reforms into place before departing in June. Am I missing something here?


At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is little new about all that, and it didn't bode well that Kilgore unfairly attacked VDOT's work on the federal allocation process with no real basis and in a tone that suggests he would start his term in a hostile posture toward VDOT. THAT is a recipe for disaster. When somebody has gone from crawling to walking you don't beat them for not winning a marathon. When it comes to financial management, VDOT's recent record has been excellent.


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