Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kaine's Long Hard Road

A House of Delegates committee today shot down one of Gov. Tim Kaine's key legislative proposals, which would have let localities reject development projects if the road network couldn't handle it. The Counties, Cities and Towns Committee defeated that bill by a 9-2 vote, says

Meanwhile, the House Rules Committee today also tabled a resolution backed by Shenandoah Valley legislators that would have pushed VDOT away from the $13 billion STAR Solutions proposal for expanding Interstate 81 to a more modest approach.

Where's the House leadership headed with all this? If the road/development lobby shoots them down at the committee level, they're going to have a harder time selling their funding plan, whatever that might be..


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Ray Hyde said...

Thank God. That was Kaines dumbest idea. That was the I got here first so you are screwed law. That was the protect everyone who took advantage and developed early law. That was the stick it to anyone who has been a conservtionist longest law.

Dumb as toast. Good riddance.

Nobody likes congestion, but at least it is equitable, oh , and by the way, the farther youdrive the more you get. What could be better?


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