Monday, February 06, 2006

Halfway Through the Session and Little to Show for It

If the 2006 session of the General Assembly was supposed to be the "transportation" session, there's nothing much to show for it, observes Bob Gibson, columnist with the Charlottesville Daily Progress. Says Gibson: "If anyone has seen a big solution running around Richmond, he hasen’t caught it, bottled it and sold it yet."

In marked contrast to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who heard demands for congestion relief during his transportation listening tour late last year, GOP legislators aren't feeling much pressure to raise taxes, as Gov. Kaine and some state senators have proposed.
The boys and girls of winter, as Richmond scribe Jeff E. Schapiro likes to call state legislators, are not hearing thousands of folks back home saying, Tax us, please, so we can beat this sprawl, y’all."

"We’re not hearing much of anything about transportation" from the home folks, one GOP legislator said.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger Bob Burke said...

Daggone, y'all, maybe Gibson could quote BY NAME the legislator who isn't hearing much about transportation.

God bless Monday morning columns. Nothing happened, so I'm going to call that a trend and crank out some copy.

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Ray Hyde said...

Did those guys read the stories about the hundreds of people who showed up at Kaines town meetings?

What do we have to do, send them an engraved invitation to do their job? Sure, nobody wants their taxes raised. Sure, we should take advantage of every alternative to reduce the need.

But if we continue to waste billions in productivity sitting in traffic, productivity that might have produced goods and services that would have been taxed, then the need for tax increases will hit sooner and harder, and it will hit a smaller true economy.

I'm sure I don't know the answer, or even if there is one that will work in less than fifty years. In the meantime, NovaMiddleMan gave us at least some insight as to what some young professionals might be thinking - get out of NOVA.

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People hear what the want to hear, read what they want to read. So far it is fairly quiet, and I suspect the impact of the town meetings has faded. But this is very early in the game. A week at the General Assembly can be a very, very long time.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Jim Patrick said...

Doc Kaine's Patent Medicine and Traveling Road Show was about roads: transportation, streets, highways, etc.. Nobody expected crowds of loggers demanding more state research on pine weevils.

People across the Commonwealth heard Kaine advertising how his elixir contained healthy, sensible balance of nutrients. Like any sales pitch, we expected a little exaggeration, but expected a little truth too. Folks showed up at these performances willing to give it a fair trial.

With the formula now exposed, it’s disappointing there’s nothing decent in it. The touted “trace elements and essential amino acids” were contamination from its handlers’ sweaty fingers; the solution was watered down leftovers, its only active ingredient intended for taxaholics.

Now that the show’s over, regular folks have gone back to work. For the pundits and otherwise unemployed, there’s nothing to see here, it’s time to move along.


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