Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let's Make A Deal

Gov. Tim Kaine took kind of a victory lap through Loudoun County yesterday, giving a speech to the county's chamber of commerce just a few days after Democrat Mark Herring won a special state senate election there on the same growth/transportation themes that served Kaine so well in November.

The WaPost covers Kaine's speech, in which he does a bit of posturing by pressing the House GOP to come up with some financing plans and threatening to call a special session if some deal isn't worked out. The article says Kaine is kinda ticked.
'"It's 'Wait and see what we come up with,' " Kaine said, a hint of frustration evident yesterday, noting that he has taken pains to welcome ideas. But he said he would turn to other options quickly -- including harsher rhetoric and a session extension -- if the House fails to act soon.'
House leaders say they'll reveal their funding strategies next week. Bill Howell and company are probably on some kind of 'listening tour' now.


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